All You Need To Know About Special Candies

In Candy Crush Saga, matching three pieces is good, but matching four or five is substantially better. In this mini-guide, we’ll examine each type of special candy, and offer insight into how they can help you steamroll through the game’s many levels… fueling your addiction!

Striped Candy

Striped candy is formed when you match exactly four pieces of the same type. You’ll notice that this special piece can beforming-a-striped-candy striped one of two different ways, horizontally or vertically. So what determines how a candy is striped? The simple rule to remember is this: if you match four pieces together in a column, the candy will feature horizontal stripes; match them in a row and it will display vertical stripes.

The alignment of the stripes actually makes a huge difference. When activated, which is done by matching the striped candy with at least two other pieces of the same color, a horizontally striped candy will wipe out all candies on the same row in which it was activated. The same principle applies to vertically striped candies, except they will wipe out a column, not a row.

Striped candies come in especially useful when you need to plow through stone barriers, destroy inaccessible jelly or free locked pieces. The key is to first recognize the alignment of the stripes and then to position the candy so it lines up with the pieces you want to destroy. Then, it’s just a matter of finding a way to line up a couple of other pieces of the same type.

Wrapped Candy

FormingAWrappedCandyYou’ll receive a wrapped candy every time you match five pieces together in a T-shape. There is only one variation of this piece, but its activated effect is a bit complex. For starters, wrapped candies destroy all candies in a 3×3 radius. In addition, they leave behind a ‘bomb’ candy that explodes after about a second or two. This bomb candy also wipes out all pieces around it.

Wrapped candy is best utilized against hard to reach pieces. For instance, some levels feature jelly that resides in the corners of the game grid. These pieces are notoriously difficult to match because your available options are limited. But a well placed wrapped candy can take them out with ease.

Disco Candy

Finally, we have what I like to call disco candy. This powerful piece is formed by matching five candies together in a rowDiscoballCandy or column. Although forming one takes patience and a bit of luck, it is well worth the effort.

Disco candies are extremely easy to activate. Merely switch them with any piece on the game grid. It will then set off a reaction, eliminating all of the same colored candies as the one it was switched with – just like that.

However, do resist the urge to switch Disco candies with any random piece. Instead, examine the board and determine which color is most dominant. That’s the color you’re going to want to get rid of. If that candy type is not adjacent to the disco candy, wait until it is. Remember, the more pieces eliminated, the better your chances of setting off a wicked chain.

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– Al, The Candy Crusher


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