Beating Jelly Levels 101

Jelly levels are more of a nuisance than any other level type in Candy Crush Saga. Not only is the sticky goo frequentlyTought Jelly Level found in hard to reach portions of the game board, jelly levels are usually riddled with other obstacles, impeding your path.

It’s a somewhat common occurrence to eliminate all but a few pieces of jelly in your first few turns, only to find that you need the rest just to clear another piece or two. But fear not, by implementing a few sound strategies you’ll be able to defeat even the most daunting jelly level. Let’s take a look.

The Basics

Jelly doesn’t move, however, candies can flow through it. Therefore, in order to destroy jelly, you have to match candies over it. Semi-transparent jelly goes down in one match, while thick jelly becomes semi-transparent after one match, and disappears after two. If a piece covered in jelly is destroyed by a special candy, the jelly will go down with it.


While it may be tempting to break one or two jellies by matching three candies, resist the urge. The only times when you should match three is when you either have no other option, or if matching three will eliminate a jelly trapped in the corner.

In fact, a sound strategy is to first look for opportunities to destroy hard to reach jelly, then to seek special combinations, and if all else fails, to look for ways to remove any jelly.

Special Candies

Remember, our goal is to maximize the number of jellies we destroy with each move, and the best way to do that is through the proper placement of special candies. Just don’t be too picky. Whenever a special candy is in a position where it can blow up at least a few jellies, detonate it as soon as possible.

Jelly SpecialsAs always, you should always switch special candies with other specials if you can, but don’t actively seek those combinations. Your turns are too limited. If anything you should detonate special candies early and often.

Instead of using disco candies to eliminate the most popular candy on the board, count how many jellies you can eliminate by destroying each candy type, and go for the highest. Wrapped candies work particularly well against thick jelly due to the double detonation effect. Striped candies are less effective, but still provide some benefit.

Get Rid of Obstacles First

Remember how we mentioned that jelly levels are riddled with obstacles? Well, we weren’t kidding. Often times, jelly squares are rendered inaccessible until an obstacle is destroyed. Whether it’s a wall, coil or candy lock, it’s your job to destroy the obstacle first. In order to do this, create as many special candies as you possibly can early on, place them near an obstacle and blow it up. You’ll notice that this strategy falls in line with our basic jelly strategy. Perfect!

In addition, always try to work from the bottom up. This way, you’ll have more possibilities for other candies to cascade downwards and form chains. It’s just another reason to break obstacles early, as they often reside on the bottom of the game board.


  1. Davis Theiling says:

    I’m so glad you called the donut holes disco candies in the guide. Many of my friends laughed at me for calling them disco balls when I first started playing.


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