How Does Candy Crush Work?

Candy Crush Saga, the sugary game that’s currently all the rage, is a fairly easy game to understand. Along the lines of classic match-three games such as Bejeweled or SwapIt, colored candies are placed on a game board. The player makes matches of three candies or more of the same color in order to make those candies disappear–to be replaced by more candies from above.

If four candies are matched, a bonus occurs in points and a special striped candy appears which allows an entire row to how does candy crush workbe clear when it is matched with others of its color. If five candies are matched, bonus points are also rewarded. Plus, a special speckled candy appears which, when switched with any other candy, removes all of that candy’s color from the playing board.

Although the concept seems simple, there’s much more to it than that! In Candy Land, the world of Candy Crush Saga, many levels must be completed, one at a time. These levels consist of varying goals. Some require all clear blocks of “jelly” to be removed by matching on those blocks in a limited number of moves; some challenge the player to earn a certain number of points within a limited time period; still others set the goal of dropping certain special “ingredients” from the top to reach the bottom of the game board.

The goal of each stage is made very clear at the beginning of the level. But it’s important to pay attention, either to the time clock, or the place where it reveals the number of moves you have left. If the player does not finish the level within the allotted amount of time, or number of moves, a life is lost.

Only five Candy Crush lives are available at a time (for the free-play version) and these can only be earned by waiting! Every thirty minutes a player receives access to a new life, to the limit of five. Other lives can also be obtained by asking friends on Facebook or by purchasing online.

When a level goal is reached, the player moves on to the next level in Candy Land, and on to a new challenge. If that challenge is cleared on the first try, no lives are lost and the player moves on. If the goal isn’t met, the same level continues to be played until it can be beaten. Other helpful power-ups are available in Candy Crush–for a fee. Some are fairly cheap (99 cents) and others range from $16.99 to a hefty $39.99.

One super benefit of Candy Crush Saga is that it can be cross-played on any platform. So it’s possible to play on a phone, iPad, and desktop without losing progress or boosters purchased.  Friends can help by giving lives on Facebook so the game developers use this to encourage interactive play, which buys them free advertising on Facebook!

All in all, Candy Crush Saga is an entertaining play. It can, however, become addictive. As well, it can be expensive!