Other Games Similar To Candy Crush Saga

If you like Candy Crush Saga but your sweet tooth has reached its peak, or you’ve gotten as far as you can afford to, there are several other games available which are similar to Candy Crush Saga. These games vary in availability whether online, as applications, or both, All of them are either free-to-play or are downloadable with a small one-time feel.


BejeweledProbably the most well-known of the match-three type games that started the craze is Bejeweled. It is similar to Candy Crush cheat in that more points are earned for a larger number of jewels matched. Power-up jewels are also awarded and the best one comes when five jewels of the same color are matched. The game can be played with different variations: marathon, timed, or until the player runs out of moves.

Cruel Jewels

Another game similar to Candy Crush is Cruel Jewels. Along the same lines as Bejeweled, the object is to score points by matching colored jewels in sets of three or more. The power-ups made by matching five are different depending on the particular color of the jewel. For instance, a purple power-up removes all jewels in a vertical line. An interesting version of this game allows the player to play against the computer. In this case, matches of four or more allow another turn to be taken. Other options are simply a marathon, playing against the time, or a combination of them all.


In the same style of these match-three games but from a unique perspective is BraveSmart. It’s a silly little game where little Scotsmen walk around the game board building three different types of small houses. Then the houses are matched to create larger houses, again and again until creating castles. The challenging thing about this game is that the movements of the Scotsmen are unpredictable and they don’t always leave the houses where the player needs them to BraveSmartbe.

As the levels go higher more challenges are faced by adding in sheep or cattle which can roam freely about the game board and getting in the way. The benefit is that this livestock can be matched to score points. The points, in turn, can be used to purchase tools which help with the building by allowing more control over the board. Other levels include a bear which will come out at intervals and clear some of the work the player has been doing. There are more levels being added to BraveSmart regularly, and it’s surprising how addictive the small little Scotsmen can be!

Swap It

The name says it all. Matches are made by swapping three four or five items, the more points the better. There are really no power-ups available, but the game boards can be fun as they switch from automobiles to candies to toys.

While Candy Crush certainly isn’t the first or only match-three game, it is one of the only of these games that can be played across platforms without losing progress or purchased power-ups. This still keeps it ranked at the top of the chain.