The Development of Candy Crush from Humble Beginnings

Candy Crush Saga, the game by, is at the top of the charts in the UK, US, and many other places all over the globe. But where did it all begin?

The developers of Candy Crush have been working together since 2003, originally under the name of Games were at first only available on the web until the company became in 2005 and began focusing on providing games on other platforms. The business grew rapidly and in 2007 was recognized as the fastest growing company in the UK. By January of 2009 King had 350 million players in one month.

January of 2011 brought the release Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook, which would bring the company to reach the top ten for Facebook developers. That happened the same month that King reached 1 billion game-plays. Just a few months later, the company launched on Google Play.

Somewhere during that time, Candy Crush was originally put on the website where it was introduced, played, and earned user feedback. This was essentially a testing space for the game until it was ready for the bigger world.

Finally, in April 2012, Candy Crush Saga was born into the world of Facebook, driving to the position of the #2 game developer on Facebook. Facebook allows the game developers to track the games very carefully to ensure the players are satisfied and not giving up from frustration. Adjustments can be made to the games in this stage after much is learned from the tracking.

At the same time Candy Crush was out on Facebook, its predecessor, Bubble Witch Saga, was released on Kindle Fire. Then a few months later was Bubble Witch’s mobile release. Candy Crush followed on mobile a few months after that. In the meantime, King was opening new studios in several places in the world: San Francisco, London, Barcelona and other key cities.

Finally, in January of 2013, Candy Crush became the number one game in Facebook play, the first time in several years candy crush developmentthat this position had been held by any developer other than Zynga (think FarmVille). In fact, it became such a big deal that the conference on the game was packed out at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference in early 2012. Everyone, especially other video game developers, wanted to know how they did it! By March of 2012 it had topped the iOS charts as well, as the number one downloaded game app.

Many game experts attribute the success of Candy Crush Saga to its cross-platform play. However, Bubble Witch Saga is also cross-platform and not nearly as popular. Bubble Witch should get much credit for paving the way for its younger sibling game, however. Much of the charm of Candy Crush inevitably comes from the cute graphics, the circus-like music, and the fact that you are playing with, well, candy. And who doesn’t love candy?