The Secrets Of Other Power-Ups

In Candy Crush Saga, some boosters can be activated prior to starting a level while others can only be triggered mid-level. For our purposes, we’ll call these mid-level boosters power-ups. Unlike regular boosters, power-ups are best utilized in emergency situations and at times can mean the difference between tasting victory and hanging your head in defeat.

5 Extra Moves

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You will have five additional turns to complete the level requirements. There is a free version of this power-up that will provide you with three extra moves. It works essentially the same way.Power-UPs

The key to the 5 Extra Moves power-up is knowing when to use them. Never activate one early in the game. Often times you’ll be able to beat a level without it. Also, if you’re down to one or two moves, and realistically wouldn’t be able to beat the level with a few more, don’t purchase the power-up. Chalk your failure up to a good learning experience and move on.

5 Extra Moves really only comes in handy when you can see the path to victory, but need a few extra moves to get there.

Lollipop Hammer

Lollipop Hammers allow you to smash one candy. You’ll receive a few for free at an early level, but I would recommend saving them for later, when you’ll really need them. Also, like 5 Extra Moves, Lollipop Hammers are most useful when you’re nearly out of moves and need assistance to win.

They come in particularly useful when there’s one piece of thick jelly you cannot get to. By smashing the jelly twice you’ll remove it and potentially beat the level.

Free Switch

Otherwise known as ‘the hand’, Free Switch lets you switch two non-matching candies. Its purpose is solely strategic. Let’s say that if you switch an orange and purple piece, you’ll be able to create a disco candy. Free Switch allows that to happen.

Still, it’s probably one of the weakest power-ups available. For one, its usefulness is very situational. But more importantly, using one is not going to necessarily help you beat a level. It might push you towards your goal, but whereas 5 Extra Moves and Lollipop Hammers can save your life, Free Switch is more of a semi-useful novelty item.

Sweet Teeth

Sweet TeethSweet Teeth is great. It chomps away at anything on the game board including chocolate, jelly and licorice. However, even though its capable of changing the entire landscape of the game board, Sweet Teeth is not without its drawbacks.

For one, it’s really expensive. Thankfully you get a few for free, but you’ll wish you had more. Unfortunately, Sweet Teeth acts on its own accord, meaning that you can’t control which pieces it will chomp through. It also only cuts through one layer, so it won’t be able to get rid of a thick jelly piece.

Save Sweet Teeth for when there is a large concentration of chocolate on the screen, or for a few hard to reach transparent jellies.

As a general rule, use Lollipop Hammers for individual pieces and Sweet Teeth for groups.

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  1. wendy smith says:

    how did anyone ever beat level 79? ive been stuck for days now.

  2. Lynne Gaudet says:

    I’ve been on level 65 for 5 days. I’ve never even come close

  3. how can i pass in level 70? im stuck for moths ago

  4. mark alvin raniola says:

    which level can i get the paint brush booster without buying it

  5. I don’t know how, but not all my boosters suddenly have become 660 when I never even bought them!

  6. now*

  7. not-now

  8. I have played 4 games with only 1 to go o noticed the last one I had the two blue candy was prepared to put the third blue piece in the square the blue piece rolled in another area…are you kidding me getting fed up !!!!!!! Finally on 36 level been here a week and getting very frustrated.

  9. I’m at level 362. As I progress in the game, it has been increasingly noticable that the game cheats. For example, in 361 I made striped candies that just “went away”. Also, there are even more events of the game moving the pieces in a different way than I moved them. I know the wheel is rigged. Once you purchase a certain number of boosters, you never land on them again on the wheel. Also, I landed on “jackpot”, whatever that is, then the wheel magically moved itself past it. It could be poor coding on the part of King’s programmers, but I think they could do a better job of cheating so its not so in your face. But my addiction continues. I forgot my password to buy extras and they want a different email account to send it to and I don’t have another, so lucky for me, I won’t be spending any more money on the game, and too bad for them for randomly asking me for it, haha.

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