The Trick To Special Candy Combos

In Candy Crush Saga, the best way to use your special candies is in tandem with another special piece. These combinations are so powerful that they can change the entire landscape of the game board in your favor. But that doesn’t mean you can just randomly activate them and expect to beat the level. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what happens when you merge a special candy with another one of the same type.

Matching Two Striped Candies

Matching two striped candies is probably the least useful combination, but it’s still quite powerful. In order to pull it off, you’ll have to line up two striped candies, and switch them. From the meeting point, one horizontal row and one vertical column will be cleared. It doesn’t matter if the candies are horizontally or vertically striped, the result is the same.

TwoStripedCandiesThis combination comes in most useful when you want to destroy a horizontal row with a vertically striped piece, or vice versa. Otherwise, it just doubles the effect of a regular special candy, and comes across as pretty underwhelming. But because striped candies are really easy to form, you’ll be able to take advantage of this combination more liberally than the others.

Matching Two Wrapped Candies

By matching two wrapped candies you will set off a bigger explosion. Like the striped candies, wrapped candies trigger from the meeting point. Instead of blowing up the surrounding 3×3 area, you’ll hit a bigger area (5×5), which in essence, nearly triples the amount of pieces destroyed by the blast.

This combination is especially potent when facing levels with lots of wall pieces. By simply detonating two wrapped candies near a cluster of wall, the entire wall should be destroyed. Even if the first blast doesn’t take it down, the second one, which is just as devastating, will. The double denotation effect also comes in very handy against thick jelly. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that if not placed properly, the blast will still not help you reach your objective. But the real problem is lining up two wrapped candies. It’s hard enough to create one – creating two and lining them up together can be a tedious process, especially if you have a limited amount of moves.

Always be on the look out for formations of candies that are missing the corner piece of an L-shape or the top-center of a T. These are the two ways to create a wrapped candy.

Matching Two Disco Candies

Here’s where the magic happens. This is probably one of the most potent combinations in the game. By matching two disco candies every single candy currently on the game board will be destroyed. How’s that for power?

It’s especially awesome on jelly levels. Imagine having 10 jelly grid areas covered in jelly and only one move to remove them. By matching two disco candies you can still win the level. Even if there are 100 jellies on screen, as long as they’re not thick or covered, they can all be destroyed with a single mouse click.

Are there any drawbacks to this combination? Yes. Like wrapped candy, disco balls are a bit hard to make. Look for groups of two candies (horizontal or vertical) with a space in the middle.

– Keira, The Candy Queen


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