What Is Candy Crush Saga?

Seemingly harmless and sweet in the beginning, Candy Crush Saga is a game whose cuteness belies its addictive abilities. With adorable graphics and calliope-like music, at first glance it seems like a game that only a four-year-old would enjoy. After a few rounds, however, even the most mature adult is at risk of spending hours in Candy Land!

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three game in the style of traditional Bejeweled and other swapping games. The rules arecandy-crush-saga easy: match three pieces of candy in a row, by color, to remove them from the game board. Then other candies will fall from above to take the place of the disappeared candies.

One of the differences between Candy Crush Saga and other matching games is the variety of the game boards. On some levels the board will be rectangular, other levels it might be presented in a ladder shape, and still others may configure the board as a diamond. Holes or cages or blocks may be in the mix, making the falling candies less predictable.

Another unique characteristic of this sweet game is that the goal may change depending on which stage is being played. Some stages require “jelly” blocks to be strategically cleared in a certain number of moves, while other levels require the player to get to a certain number of points in a limited amount of time (with special bonus candies that add five seconds to the time when matched). Still other levels expect the player to cause all of the special candy “ingredients” (think cherries and hazelnuts) to fall to the bottom of the playing board.

Special Candy Crush boosters are available when matches of four or five are made, unlocking opportunities to clear entire rows at a time or remove all candies of a chosen color from the screen. Depending on the level, other Boosters (or Charms) are available for purchase. These may be a three-use lollipop hammer that allows the player to smash candies, or a paintbrush used for wiping out a whole row of candies at once.

candy-crush-exampleEach game session finds the player traveling through the Candy Land game board by completing one level after another. If the challenge of a level is not reached, a life is lost and the level must be repeated in order to move forward. If five lives are lost in a period of less than thirty minutes, the player will be locked out of the game. Every thirty minutes will replenish one life–limited to five. However, players are allowed to purchase extra lives with which to finish a level and move on.

Another way to obtain more lives is to request them from friends on Facebook. This creates an interactive opportunity, opening up a whole new kind of fun when competing against friends, posting scores, and requesting lives.

Candy Crush Saga is available on iOS and Android, used with Facebook or without. It can be played online or offline. But, of course, online play allows for more interactive gaming fun. Whichever way you choose to play Candy Crush Saga, you may find yourself addicted to sweets and traveling to Candy Land any time you get a chance!