Why Is Candy Crush Saga So Addictive?

Whether you are age 7 or 70, living in Candy Land sounds like loads of fun. Candy Crush Saga can take you there…and make you never want to leave!

So what is it about Candy Crush Saga that makes people set aside other things around them in order to try to beat “just one more level”? Could it be the varying missions that grow in difficulty as the levels increase? Could it be the bonuses awarded for higher matching skills? Could it be the special power Boosters which aid players in accessing higher levels without losing lives? All of these can make it highly addictive – but also darn frustrating. Check out our Candy Crush beginners guide and try and ease your pain.

Yes! It’s all of this and more.

The fact that the challenge faced in each stage is unique allows the player to experience a different type of fun with each play. Unlike some match-three games which simply get faster or rack up points, Candy Crush avoids boredom by changing up the requirements. Some levels require clearing blocks to drop other “ingredients” to the bottom. Sometimes, the goal is to complete the level in a number of turns; other times it is necessary to score a certain number of points in a specified amount of time. It’s always unique.

Also keeping Candy Crush Saga interesting and challenging are the various game boards. Levels offer different sizes and configurations of the playing screen. Some screens have empty spots in the middle, others are shaped oddly, and still others are simply rectangles with blocks that must be unlocked to release the candy. Upon completing one stage, the player is introduced to the next level–and a new kind of fun awaits.

boosterCertain power-ups are free and can be unlocked during the game, allowing the player to use fewer turns in order to complete levels. These are earned by matching over four blocks, by matching five blocks, or by creating a T match. Other Candy Boosters can be purchased. Some, called Charms, give unlimited access to more lives, extra power-ups, and more.

While Candy Crush Saga is available in Apps which can be played offline, much of the fun comes from competition driven by playing with friends. Players can participate in an integrated setting online, encouraging them to take the place of the high scorer over their friends. This can push an obsession with candy into a downright Sugar Addiction!

In addition, players can ask for help from their Facebook friends in the form of requesting lives. Lives can also be purchased for 99 cents (for five) when they are exhausted. Waiting 30 minutes will also regenerate a new life, with a maximum of 5 lives at a time. However, many Candy Crushers can’t imagine waiting and must buy or ask friends for lives in order to compete right away.

Though in the beginning Candy Crush seems simple and sweet, it can very quickly bring on a Sugar High with its hundreds of levels and hidden mysteries. Be prepared to be pulled into Candy Land — it’s called a Saga for a reason!